Sneak Peak of the First Piece in the Micro Portraits Project

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Sneak Peak of the First Piece in the Micro Portraits Project

Today was an exciting day in the studio - I began work on the first piece of the Micro Portraits project. This will be a mixed media piece. I started with an ink, pencil, and charcoal sketch, then finished with oil paint. I completed the first prototype today, experimenting with layering techniques and blending the different media. The texturing is not quite what I had envisioned, so I will be working on that some more next time.

This image is a black and white, and I had a lot of fun mixing paint to come up with the right shade of gray. You might think it would be a simple matter of mixing black and white to get gray, but not so! The plain mixture of black and white had too much of a blue cast to it, so I ended up adding in burnt umber to get the gray shade that I was looking for.

It was a little bittersweet working with the paints. I had bought my mom this set of oil paints and brushes that she had talked about for a long time. But she died soon after, and never had the chance to use them. I brought them home and hid them on the top shelf of my closet - it hurt too much to think about for awhile. But now I'm finally ready to stretch my creativity into new methods of expression, and I feel like I'm honoring her memory by using her paint set.